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Lacrosse Utah

Equipment Rental 2024

Season Information

Lacrosse Utah is committed to helping youth from all walks of life enjoy the great sport of lacrosse.

In an effort to keep lacrosse as affordable as possible we are offering complete rental packages for only $60 per season.

Please ensure that all equipment is taken care of correctly, stored properly, and makes it home from each practice and game as a complete set.
All velcro straps must remain connected to the front velcro areas, especially while not in use.

Players must wear a shirt underneath their chest pad.

If needed, equipment can be spot-cleaned by hand with mild soap. Do not submerge in water.

After the season is over all of the equipment must be returned in clean, usable condition.

To ensure that Lacrosse Utah has sufficient equipment for years to come the renter will be charged $125 for EACH piece of padded equipment and $275 for each helmet that is not returned, or is broken/damaged beyond further use.

$125 | Pair of Gloves
$125 | Pair of Elbow Pads
$125 | Chest Protector
$275 | Helmet

The Lacrosse Utah Board of Directors has complete authority and decision-making power in determining the condition of returned equipment and the balance to be paid.
Non-compliance will result in a breach of contractual obligation and the guilty party will be taken to small claims court if the matter is not immediately resolved on the rental return day.


Registration Start Date: 03/21/2024

Registration End Date: 06/03/2024

Open To: Both Boys & Girls

Season Start Date: 03/21/2024

Season End Date: 06/03/2024

Player Limit: N/A

Team Types
Name Description Ages Fee
Spring 2024

Games will be each week on Fridays from April - May 18.

9 - 15 $100.00
Spring 2024

Games will be each week on Fridays from April - May 18.

9 - 15


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